It’s Not Like TV


This past week-end I during a childbirth class a dad-to-be said.. “It’s not like TV… I thought all she had to do is lie down in the bed .. and that was that…. “

I was amused by this comment, but on a larger scale, a tad concerned. Why?

Because expectant moms and dads are NOT getting the information, the truth about labor. What’s involved and how to realistically manage it.

Breaks my heart.

If you’re looking for a childbirth class, ask questions!! Especially if going to a hospital for a class. Here are some to get you thinking …

  • How much time does the instructor spend on breathing, relaxation skills and positions
  • Does the instructor have the class role play at all? Do a “mock” labor?


These kind of questions can tell you a lot about what the instructor focuses on.

In my opinion, the focus should be on what YOU can do for yourself to manage your contractions, giving you skills, tools, and techniques which build confidence in your ability to birth – and you have it!

Birth is a normal, natural, physiological event .. just like sex.

Enjoy it … it only happens once, twice, or more in a lifetime …

Birth Bold,


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Lesly Federici

Lesly Federici is an experienced Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse (RN), She's been teaching childbirth education for over 15 years. She currently teaches Mindful Meditation to expectant couples. Lslynotes has been helping women globally prepare for childbirth online since 1998. Contact her, she'd love to hear from you!

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