Mission, Disclaimer, and Privacy


Leslynotes is dedicated to providing mindful childbirth education to women globally.

Since 1998, Leslynotes  has  provided online childbirth education to expectant moms-to-be and their partners/husbands worldwide to prepare for birth in a non-judgmental, compassionate, and accessible  manner. Women have come from Africa, Brazil, China, Australia, Thailand, Spain, (and growing) as well as the USA.

Over the years the emphasis on medical interventions and the use of medications during labor has become overwhelming.  It has gotten to the point where women are viewing birth as a “medical procedure” rather than the  normal, natural life event it is. There are many women, particularly in the USA, who are not receiving the best information in planning for the birth or their baby through  their care providers. Because of  the focus on “medical birthing technology” women are becoming more disconnected with their pregnancies as a natural phenomena  and losing touch with their own, innate, natural abilities to birth.

Because of this,

Leslynotes is devoted to igniting birthing abilities of women – getting them in touch with their bodies, intuition, mindset, and birthing capabilities first,  BEFORE exploring medical options..

This gives women a better birthing  foundation to make better decisions when it comes to working with their health care providers. When women learn about current non-medical solutions to labor pain management, what their current birthing choices are, they birth with confidence,  trust their decisions as well as others,  and feel satisfied about their birthing experience.

Moms-to-be are not getting the information they need to make choices  and decisions about birth, nor are they learning what their options are because they are choosing NOT to take childbirth classes. (www.childbirthconnection.org)

Leslynotes hopes to raise awareness in women through its blog, and online/offline childbirth classes and events that every childbearing woman has the ability to birth and the innate knowledge to do so. The medical community is there to assist if needed, but not to replace her inerrant birthing nature or rights.


Leslynotes.com provides information only.

Should you have any specific concerns about your pregnancy and health, please contact your health care provider for further detailed discussion.  No advise will be offered to you about your health/pregnancy and if there is a suggestion offered it will always be followed with a statement to talk to your healthcare provider.

Leslynotes.com or Lesly T. Federici (LTF) is not responsible for any birth outcome e experienced by those who engage in the programs offered at Leslynotes.  You are responsible to discuss plans, choices, and decisions, with your midwife or doctor and take responsibility for your own actions in using any information provided here during your pregnancy and labor experience.

This site in no way intends to replace any kind of class instruction you may seek at your birthing facility or other.  The information offered here is to supplement your class and provide you with information if you can not enroll in a “live” class where you live.

Links to other sites are provided with hopes that you may find them useful and informative. The links are provided for informational and educational purposes only.

Leslynotes.com  has no control over other site content and is not responsible for its accuracy or presentation. Every effort is made that the links provided have integrity and relate as much as possible to the content of Leslynotes.com.


Any information you submit in response to questions or registering for a class, events, mailing list (your email) etc., will at all times remain confidential and NEVER shared with any one, alien, or third party – ever.  Your permission is always obtained first before posting any of your testimonials/comments about this website.

Privacy is highly regarded at Leslynotes.


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