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Beat The Wall 0

Beat The Wall

Have you ever watched any of the Olympics games? If so, you know how much practice, effort, and commitment each athlete devotes to their specialty and scheduled event, right? I can’t imagine the training...

Birth Bold Episode 2 0

Birth Bold Episode 2

Birth Bold Episode 2 You greet everyday with courage…. tap into this and greet everyday, childbirth, and life with endless courage… [powerpress]        

Birth Bold Episode 1 0

Birth Bold Episode 1

Birth Bold: Power Attitudes for Childbirth and Everything Else Happening in Your Life Episode 1: Introduction and Strength October 11, 2013 [powerpress]

Birth Bold Podcast Coming Soon 0

Birth Bold Podcast Coming Soon

The Birth Bold Podcast is in the works!! Getting things set up as I write this… It will be published here and on iTunes. It’s time for me to knock some innate sense into...

Trusting Yourself 0

Trusting Yourself

One of the BEST practices ro start doing in preparing for the birth of your baby is to BELIVE in yourself … trusting your abilities in general. Not just having a baby .. Anything...