20. Resources


The information on the internet about childbirth and breastfeeding is immense and at times confusing. The list of resources here I find to be reliable, current, and straightforward.

Be careful where you get your information from online.  Online pregnancy groups and chat rooms are filled with rumors and incorrect information.

When in doubt ask  your doctor or midwife directly. You can always send me a message/question at well.

Pregnancy and Birth Related Sites:

International Cesarean Awareness Network

March of Dimes

Lamaze International

Calm Birth

Mindful Motherhood

Go The Full 40

Post Partum:

Postpartum Support International


Dr. Jack Newman,  Breastfeeding Inc

USA/Surgeon General’s  Call to Action for  Support of Breastfeeding

Daily Inspiration for Nursing Moms


Happiest Baby on the Block

Baby Signing