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Leslynotes Workshops Rock! 0

Leslynotes Workshops Rock!

Coming VERY soon.. The first of many workshops coming … Sneak Peek …. Birth bold, Lesly PS – What do you think? Comment and share below … love that!  


Building Self Reliance During Pregnancy

  Are you building self-reliance during pregnancy? Do you rely on your own judgement when making decisions? Or, do you depend on others to guide you. Self reliance is the ability to rely on...

Beat The Wall 0

Beat The Wall

Have you ever watched any of the Olympics games? If so, you know how much practice, effort, and commitment each athlete devotes to their specialty and scheduled event, right? I can’t imagine the training...

New – Birth Affirmations Picture EBook 0

New – Birth Affirmations Picture EBook

Well, this is pretty exciting. To have a vision of an ebook containing your art with birth affirmations to keep women believing in themselves, is now real and available to you on Amazon!  And...

Birth Bold Episode 2 0

Birth Bold Episode 2

Birth Bold Episode 2 You greet everyday with courage…. tap into this and greet everyday, childbirth, and life with endless courage… [powerpress]