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Hey there!

You wouldn’t be looking for a childbirth class now would you? Well, I have a class just for you!

But wait …

Did you know having a baby is now being treated like a medical procedure when it’s not? Did you now the chances of you having a surgical birth is greater than ever? Did you know getting information from the internet is not always correct? Did you know not going to a childbirth class decreases your awareness of the choices you have in planning your birth experience simply because you didn’t get educated?

All that can change by enrolling in a Smartbirth class:

it’s ALL online

flexible times to fit your life style and work schedule

convenient, no traveling

LIVE in real time, you talk and learn from me in person

It’s via Skype – now how cool is that!

Are you looking for a “crash” class?  Smartbirth is it. Or something with more depth, and time to practice? 

Smartbirth is for you if:

you want to learn from home interested in how you can manage your labor BEFORE asking for medication willing to practice what you learn

Smartbirth consists of 4 sessions. Scheduled at times best for you.  Sorta like “On Call” childbirth education when you need it most, NOW! Classes focus on:

stress management, mastering contractions, belly training to learn the difference between “warm-up” and real labor contractions, the benefits of staying calm and focusing on the relaxation response, signs of labor, how you can decrease “labor pain” and more. This is an education to learn what YOU can do to manage your labor, not what others can do to you to manage your labor – big difference.

Got questions? Write them in the comment box below and I’ll answer,

If you want to resister for a class fill out the form below. Registration fee is $79.95 for all 4 classes, educational material included.


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