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Thank you for your interest in Lesly Federici RN, BA

If you are looking for a professional to speak to your organization or program about childbirth, Lesly Federici can provide inspiration and a vibrant presentation on preparing for childbirth to your participants. Ms. Federici’s mission is to decrease fear circulating childbirth and replace it with normalcy and confidence with a strong focus on self-calming  methods involving the mind/body relationship for “labor pain” management. . Ms. Federici believes childbirth education should be routinely available to women outside hospital environments to ensure learning about birth as a non-medical, normal, natural, manageable physiological event.

Ms. Federici believes mind/body techniques should be the first methods used for labor “pain” management before using medications. They are effective and have the ability to enhance the quality of birth experiences for mothers emotionally and physically. Lesly also believes when women are reminded of their innate birthing skills and encouraged to use them, women birth with intuitive knowledge and instinctual know-how.  Ms. Federici is available for:

  • Lectures
  • On site employee education

About Smartbirth ™

Smartbirth ™ 4 Online class series is a live, one-on-one childbirth education class that incorporates “Hands-on” learning and practice combined with lecture and video facilitated though Skype/webinars, call conferencing, and emails. Additional support to women during pregnancy and labor, as well as transitioning to motherhood after the birth of their babies are offered as needed and requested.  Smartbirth™ is part of www.leslynotes.com, a free online childbirth information website since 1998. Smartbirth ™ classes focus on:

  • Birth process
  • Birth mindset
  • Stress management
  • Pain management using  self-calming relaxation and mindfulness meditation techniques

Lesly’s Bio

Lesly is a graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey.  She received a BA, with honors, in Museum Studies and Fine Art.  In 1995 she received her nursing license and is an experienced labor and delivery nurse. Lesly has been teaching childbirth education for over fourteen  years and is the author of “The Quick What To Do During Labor Guide” and “Master Your Labor Contractions”. She also has certifications  in the following areas: Lamaze Educator, Hypnosis,  Calm Birth,  and is a Reiki Master.  She recently completed professional training in Mindful Meditation instructed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli.  Lesly  also co-designed the first Mindful Meditation Pregnancy and Birth program on the East Coast at Overlook Medical and  Morristown Medical Centers in New Jersey.

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