These testimonials give you an idea of what moms are saying about the onlne or in person Smartbirth 4 class. Very heartwarming to read this feedback and share it with you. Lesly 🙂

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Name: Joyce and Jason, May/June 2012

Class: Smartbirth

About the instructor:  I thought Lesly was excellent not only in her childbirth knowledge, but also in her compassion and understanding of our desired birth experience and goals.

 How did the Smartbirth class prepare you for labor: It gave me and my husband, who is my birth coach, the techniques we can use for helping with pain management and relaxation during the labor and birth experience. We feel more in control and confident going into the birth of our baby thanks to what we’ve learned from the Smartbirth class.

 What was most helpful: The visualization and deep breathing exercises were most helpful in creating a totally relaxed state. Also, it was very helpful to learn about the different physical activites we could do to increase comfort and reduce the pain.

How did this class instill confidence to birth in you and you’re your partner: My partner feels more confident in himself now that he has some easy and effective tools he can use to help me during the birth. He especially liked using the visualization techniques to help ease the contractions. I feel much more confident about giving birth after practicing the techniques I learned from the class. Also, my partner and I have a much better understanding of the whole childbirth experience as far as what to expect and the options available to us for help.

How was the quality of the class and handouts: The content of the class was very clear and well organized. The handouts were great tools that helped facilitate the lessons and serve as great references for reinforcement.

Would you recommend this class to others: yes

Additional comments:  My partner and I are so very happy that we were able to take this class. We feel so much more confident about our upcoming childbirth experience. Lesly is truly a wonderful person and teacher, who is passionate about the education of childbirth. We would highly recommend this class to our family and friends. Many thanks Lesly!!!

Permission to post comments: yes

Class: Smartbirth

Name: Joanna and Derick, April/May 2012

 What did you think of the instructor: Lesley was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She didn’t overcomplicate anything and made sure you understood all of the topics completely. Leaving each class I felt more empowered and educated to have a successful childbirth experience.

Online or in person, how did the Smartbirth class help you prepare for birth: The Smartbirth class made me feel prepared and ready for childbirth. I now know what signs to look for and strategies I can use to help me through birth process.

What was the most helpful: The relaxation techniques were most helpful, not something you can just read in a book.

How was the quality of class content (handouts or webinar learning experience): The content quality was great. The main book was very informative and there were lots of other great hand outs and resources made available.

 Would you recommend Smartbirth to others:  yes

Additional comments about the class and your educational experience:  Compared to the other childbirth classes out there, I feel this class is a great value for the money, especially considering all the costs of having a baby to begin with! It offers so much more than the traditional hospital class, and having a private session opens up the opportunity for better dialogue and interaction.

Permission to post comments:   yes


Class:  Smartbirth4 Class
Instructor:  Lesly is wonderful!! She knows what she is talking about and is passionate about what she does!  She is so personable and genuinely cares for you and your baby and preparing you to have the best birthing experience and start to caring for your baby and entering into the world of parenthood!!
How did the online class help you to prepare for birth:  The online class gave us the opportunity to attend a birthing class when we otherwise would not have been able to.  We live in a different country and our resources were limited and our time was getting close! It’s amazing what can be accomplished on the internet today!!  We felt like we were in the room with Lesly!!
What helped you the most:  Before the class, I had done some reading but I felt very anxious and somewhat fearful about childbirth.  The live online class helped us to be be prepared for what to expect throughout labor, how to manage pain, how to relax and not be afraid, what my husbands role is in the process! We both feel prepared and ready for when it’s time!!
How was the quality of the class (handouts, learning experience, webinar, etc.):  Quality of the content, length of the class and the handouts are all excellent and very useful!! The only difficulty we had was the fact that we live on the other side of the world and the time difference being 11 hours ahead:) But it was well worth it!!
Would you recommend this class to others:  ABSOLUTELY!
Additional comments:  Thank you so much Lesly!! We have learned so much from you and look forward to keeping in touch! We can’t wait to send you pictures of Tobin!! You Rock!!!!

Name: Crystal and Brandon, Thailand, July 2011

Class name: Smartbirth 4 Class Series Online

About instructor: Lesly was wonderful! Very personable, knowledgeable and helpful!!!!
About the class:  She helped us prepare for a relaxing peaceful birth. Answered all our questions.
About Ed  handouts: Yes they are wonderful tools that we can both go back to read over full of information and reinforcements!
About support group: It was helpful, the links and videos were great
Bennifits: Being so far away from everyone this class really informed us and put both of us at ease.
Feel prepared: Very much! I was very frightened and panicky about everything. Now that we have taken the class, the breathing/relaxation techniques have changed everything for me. It has also helped us to work together even more as a couple.
Recommend class: I would and I will!!!!
Learning online: I really enjoyed it. It was perfect for us living so far away!
Comments: We are so grateful to have met Lesly and gotten the much needed help and support she gave us. She has a wonderful personality and spirit that we experienced online and all the way here in Brazil! Thank you for everything Lesly!

Name: Tara Ann M., Brazil, March 2011



Class name: Smartbirth 4 Class Series Online
About instructor: Leslie was very friendly and supportive.  She had an incredible amount of knowledge and was able to put us at ease.
About the class: The topics were very helpful and relevant.  I also liked that she reinforced what was previously taught in the next class.
About Ed handouts: The handouts were very helpful and great to have on hand for review
About support group: I have yet to participate so I cant really comment but I think its great that there is a support group if one needs one
Bennifits: I feel more prepared for the birth of my baby
name Pamela Bobowski
Feel prepared: Yes. I am more informed and less anxious about the birth.  I also learned how to self-soothe myself so that I dont get too worked up during labor.
Recommend class: Yes, it is a great class and very convenient because you can take it in the comfort of your home.
Learning online: I liked learning online more than I thought I would.  I did not have any problems hearing or connecting to Leslie and felt that I received the same benefits from the online program that I would have received had it been in person.
Comments: I highly recommend this class.  Leslie is fantastic and will be able to put you at ease while preparing you for the birth of your baby.

Name: Pamela B. from CA, March 2011



Class name: Smartbirth 4 Class Series Online
About instructor: I love my instructor because she was able to answer all my questions and she was able to explain things so I could understand them. She was very kind and paitent
About the class: THe education was important because I was unaware of many of the facts covered in the class. I enjoyed doing the class online because I was able to be comfortable and it was a one on one experience that help me to not be shy about asking questions.
Most helpful: I gained a freind, I learned alot about just what my body is capable of, and I gained confidence in myself.
Recommend class: Yes  Comments: Thank you!
Name: Jessica D., January 2011


Class name: Smartbirth 4 Class Series Online
About instructor: Loved her!  She worked with us and customized our classes to meet our needs for the birth of our little one.
About the class: What we liked most about the class were the discusions.
Most helpful I feel that this class gave me the confidence we as a couple needed to know that we could do this and come out stronger as a couple on the other end!
Recommend class: Absolutely!  To anyone who needs some flexibility with their childbirth classes and who wants to learn about the process.
Comments no
Name: Jen and Jon Silva, January 2011

Testimonial: 2010

“Lesly, My husband and I are expecting our second child in about 3 weeks. About a week ago we realized we had no clue what we are doing when it comes to labor. Between my husband working full time and being in school, and having a 20 month old, we completely forgot to sign up for childbirth classes!! At first I freaked out because I am determined not to have to have a c-section this time around. But after a Google search I found your online classes. I printed them out and my husband and I read them together, took lots of notes, and have listened to both of your CD downloads. You have no idea how much more informed and comfortable we feel after going through your information and practicing every night with your guidance. Thank you so much for doing what you do online and allowing us access to your wisdom without paying out of our noses. We did take a childbirth class with our last child, and didn’t learn HALF of what we learned through your website and cd’s. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Rebecca  B.


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