The Dad Class

Welcome! to The Dad Class!

This class will help you to understand how to help your mom-to-be through labor!

This program is for a dad-to-be, partner, family member, or friend who will be with mom-to-be throughout her labor and birth of baby, and want to know how to support her.

There are  8 videos to view at your leisure. Under each video you’ll find handouts/links to articles, to read or download to supplement the content in each video.

When you finish, test your knowledge and take the quiz at the bottom of the page. It’s optional.

Please Note:

  •  There is no discussion of medications. My philosophy is medications are a “tool” to use for labor pain management, and is a medical “intervention”. You’ll be learning skills you can do at home OR in the birthing facility with your mom-to-be
  • Signs” of labor are not discussed because your doctor may have different guidelines. Please talk to your care provider about signs of labor.
  • Contractions and pain management will be focused on

DISCLAIMER: This program is for educational purposes only. It is not to replace any information or guidance provided by your maternity health care provider. It is to supplement their care, stimulate questions about options for birth to discuss with them,  and provide you, the support person, with valuable information to use in providing comfort and emotional support to your mom-to-be. Some suggestions mentioned in this program should be discussed with your midwife or doctor BEFORE  using them. Please use the content of this program responsibly and with guidance from your midwife or doctor. 

You’re on your way to being a Super Birthmate for your mom-to-be!

If you have any questions, contact me.



 Part 1 Handouts:

Lamaze’s Statement on Labor Support

Rights of Childbearing women

Class Workbook


 Part 2: Labor, Pain, Contractions. About 17 minutes long

 Part 2 Handouts:

Link to Labor Anatomy and Stages

Contraction Warm-ups/True Contractions Chart

Belly Training

Misunderstood Contractions

Link to Anatomy of Pain


Part 3: Emotions and Coping. About 15 minutes long.

Part 3 Handouts:

Link to Stress Response

Link to Cycle of Fear


Part 4: Birthing Abilities and Communication. About 10 minutes

 Part 4 Handouts



Part 5: Comfort and Labor Positions. About 20 minutes.

Part 5 Handouts:

Hoku, Pressure point

Warming Sock




Part 6:  Breathing, Your Best Friend. About 15 minutes long.

Part 6 Handouts:

Link to Breathing videos


Part 7: Relaxation. About 20 minutes long.

 Part 7 Handouts:

Link to  Relaxation


Part 8: What if Challenge. About 10 minutes long.


The end. 🙂

Please fill out the evaluation for the “Super Birthmate” program. Thank you!

Take the quiz below to test your knowledge and reinforce what you’ve learned.

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