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I  may be an RN and a Childbirth Educator by profession, but I do have a business. I am in the business of teaching. So I must entertain business activities, right?

In any business, especially one on the internet, you must learn internet marketing and how to use social media.

It’s been over a year now that I have been “blogging” (fooling around with it) although I have no impressive blog to show for it (until now) I do have lessons and wisdom to share with you specifically for the newcommer.

I heard somewhere that in the next five years if you don’t have an internet “presence” you and your business don’t exist.  If you are on the internet you have just increased your personal and business presence to attract clients and customers globally.

My goal is to reach women all over the world and teach childbirth education. I am doing that by being listed on Google, being on You Tube and other major social media sites.

So when in Rome (the internet) do as the Romans do – create a personal presence online to build your business.

I’ve noticed through my online travels that some  childbirth professionals – educators, Doulas, midwives, etc., have a web presence but no traffic and very few comments on their blogs. This is the biggest problem with blogs and yet one of the most important aspects of your online presence. Simply because when people come to read your content they get to know you and your traffic increases as well as your ratings on search engines.

If you are new to all this and want to bring your passions and or business online, here’s what I have learned:

  • If you are brand new to being on the internet, should you have a website or a blog? My suggestion is to have a blog. This is because it is more interactive with visitors. They can leave comments on your blog which raises traffic to your site. The more traffic the better.
  • I would opt for a free blog if you are NOT serious about blogging. –, eBlogger are examples. These are easy to work with and have basic elements to play around with such as themes, color of background, adding pictures, links, etc. This is a good way to start and an excellent way to save money while you “play” and get ready for the day when you host your own blog. However, these free blog programs are OWNED by companies such as Google and  your blog could be taken off line by their choice, not yours.
  • If you’re SERIOUS about getting your business online, then I suggest hosting your own blog. The difference here is that YOU own it and can never be censored, or taken off line. You’ll need to pay for hosting and a domain name. I use Dreamhost. Go Daddy is another popular hosting company. You can register your domain there as well. At the same time when you create an account, pay for hosting, you’ll be able to download a blog – then the fun begins in designing how you want your blog to look!



Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.


I just dove in and started from scratch. I wasted a lot of money but learned a great deal bringing me to where I am now – morphing a 13 year old website (which is static) to a thriving, engaging, interactive blog. I am so proud of it.

Because of my mistakes, putting together (I did have some professional  help in moving the domain name and content over to the new host) was easier than I thought. But once that was done, smoothe sailing.

I’d like to offer you guidance in setting up your new blog. Once you understand how it works and why blogs are great you’ll love it and maybe play with them as much as I have ( no. don’t do that ). Contact me by filling out the “Contact Lesly” form from the top menu and we’ll arrange a 30 minute free consult to discuss your blogging needs. 

Read the following pages from the menu on ” Your Business” and share what you think in the comment box.

I have found what works for me which has turned the internet experience into a “warm” one.  The internet can be “cold”, lonely, and isolating if you don’t know how to work it. But if you use what I suggest, you can have a nice, long, positive experience, make connections, and even quality friends  while building your business and creating an online presence!


Lesly 🙂



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  1. You have a beautiful blog Lesley and I love what you are doing to help woman in business. I made the decision to hop online a roughly a year ago and it was the best decision!

    I enjoyed my visit hear and learning more about you. I look forward to coming back soon. 🙂


    • Lesly says:

      Hi Roshanda,
      Thank you for your lind words and complements. I love the internet – the possibilities of what you can do is limitless. I look forward to your visits again and I’ll visit you too! Thanks again 🙂

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