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When you have a business on the internet the question most people are preoccupied with is this:

How do I get traffic to my blog/website?

There are many spiffy and slick  programs out there to invest in and lots of strategies to try, but I believe I have the best solution for you. It’s called a “Tribe”.

If you’re familiar with any of Seth Godin’s books you know he writes about tribes on the internet or any where really, of groups of people that work together on a shared mission or message out to the general public.

Tribes don’t have to be large either.  There just needs to be a following (like Facebook). There is strength in numbers and if you have a large group of people working together on the same mission you know your message will get heard.

Commenting on blogs or being a guest writer for one helps bring traffic to your blog too. But tribes really get traffic to your blog or website and here’s why:

  • A Tribe is a community of people who share the same goal – increasing traffic to their blogs
  • Tribes syndicate your blog content to social media sites, news feeds, etc. This is important because your message is being broadcast by several people at the same time throughout the internet!
  • Tribe members syndicate your content and you, in exchange, syndicate theirs. It’s a win-win, and it works.

There are many Tribes on the internet and many cost a lot of money to join and have monthly fees, etc. Those are the ones  you might  want to stay away from. The following is the one you want to participate in.  My opinion, of course 🙂

TSA Mastery (Tribe Syndication Association ) started over a year ago ( around March 2010) with just 5 members. It was the creation of Dave and Dawn Cook who live in  Florida, USA. Gavin Mountford who lives in England became a partner and by the time I joined in May 2010, there were about 100 members.

Today TSA has really blossomed into an incredible community which has close to 400 members and it’s still growing.

Here’s what TSA offers:

  • community
  • community support
  • member recognition
  • social media training
  • marketing training
  • Inside business exchange and promotion of member products within the community
  • reciprocal syndication of member blog content including yours
  • new meaningful relationships and friendships
  • great opportunity to learn new skills with member internet professionals such as Kimberly Castleberry
  • community income opportunities

Before I joined TSA it was really difficult to connect with others on the internet. The internet was a “cold” place and it was challenging to get traffic to my blogs. When I joined TSA everything changed. I made friends, people visited my blog and my Google ratings went up. When I went on vacation for a week or two the numbers of comments and visits dropped dramatically.  But rose up again when I returned. So it works. People who leave the community regret leaving because of this.

Click on the image to take the TSA Mastery 7 day training  and see if this is for you – it’s free.

TSA is a membership community that you join and receive an initial 7 day training, for freebefore you are actually accepted into the community. There is an application to fill out and a one time  “committment” fee of $19.95 to submit – that’s it. This is a way to see if you’re serious about getting traffic to your website/blog.

Zig Ziglar says – When you help others get what they want you get what you want. In TSA we help each other.

I have been a happy member for over a year now and I’m in for the duration.

By the way, if you have a childbirth related business, join because I am the ONLY childbirth business in the tribe. I would LOVE to build a childbirth niche within the community.

What do you think? If you have questions, contact me!

Lesly 🙂

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  1. Lesly says:

    Hi Carlos,

    Always great to have a visit from you! There are many ways to get traffic to your blog and this one is not only creative, but it works. Happy to share more info with you! Thanks for stopping by!
    Lesly 🙂

  2. Lesly,

    Thanks for sharing this info. The internet has changed our world forever.
    We can now reach millions of people with our message, products, advice etc. Whenever I see something that is good and I believe in I will endorse it, recommend it and post links on my FB wall and eventually to my website. All the help we can get is certainly a plus especially when it’s free or reasonably priced.



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